Engine 7


Year:2003 Make: Ferrara

Water Tank: 750 Gallons Pump:2000 GPM

Foam Tank: 25 Gallons Total Hose: ft

Stationed at the Lake Rogerene sub-station this engine can provide for the water demand needed at any fire in the area.

Cheifs Truck


Year:2017 Make: Chevrolet

Rescue 8


Year:2001 Make: Peterbilt/American Fire Rescue

TNT Hydraulic Pump: 10,500 PSI

Air Fill: N/A cu/ft

This medium rescue features a wide range of equipment from a light towers and air refill to hydraulic tools and rescue equipment.

Quint 6


2003 Spartian/Ferrara

1500 Gallon Per Minute Pump

300 Gallon Water Tank

77′ Aerial Ladder

115′ Ground Ladders

2 – 250′ 1.75″ Preconnect Attack Lin

10Kw Onboard Generator

MSA 4 Gas Altair Meter

Our Quint is first due to all calls at residences and businesses. This truck can perform all the rolls of an engine, but with the added function of a rear mounted aerial ladder to access roofs and windows.

Tender 9


Year:2014 Make: Ferrara

Water Tank: 3000 Gallons Pump: 1500 GPM

Total Hose: 1200 ft

The Tender acts as a mobile water source when hydrants are unavailable. This is fundamental when fighting fires in the Lake Rogerene area or on Rt 80.

Ahrens Fox


Year:1939 Make: Ahrens Fox Model:

Water Tank: 500 Gallons Pump:750 GPM

Total Hose: ft

Our first brand new apparatus purchased in 1939, is now our oldest. This antique is in the process of having the motor rebuilt.

**Update – The new motor is installed in the Fox, some minor work needs to be done. We hope to have it on the road by September 1st**

Engine 5


2010 Sutphen Shield Series Pumper

1500 Gallon Per Minute Pump

1000 Gallons Water Tank

25 Gallons of Cold Fire

1000′ of 5″ Supply Hose

400′ of 3″ Supply Hose

2 – 200′ 1.75″ Preconnect Crosslays

100′ Front Bumper Preconnect

Our newest addition to the fleet. The Engine features our first top mounted pumping panel for added safety for fires on the roadside, and giving the operator on any scene a better field of view.